Located in Hingham, we cover the Norfolk and North Suffolk area. 

To discuss your individual requirements and obtain a no obligation quote, please contact: 


Telephone (office): 

01953 853061

Bruce and Luke Maltby (work):

07500 004997





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Your local heritage plasterer


As an award winning company of Lime plaster specialists,we are located in Hingham, the areas we cover are Norfolk and Suffolk, we are accredited by Norfolk Trusted Traders and members of SPAB.


To discuss your individual requirements and obtain a no obligation quote, there is a small consultancy fee if you require us to assess damp issues in vernacular and Historic property, please contact us. 


Telephone (office): 

01953 853061


Bruce Maltby (work):





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Take a look at Orchard Barn for short courses and education on care and repair of historic buildings and homes




See our many connections who have provided us with positive feedback on we are governed by trading standards and acredited by Norfolk County Council.


As traditional lime plasterers, Maltby Plastering Ltd is passionate about the means, methods, and materials used on the care and repair of historic and listed buildings.


We also have recommended craftsmen for heavy oak carpentry, timber frame buildings etc and a historic  Brickmason.


Modern impervious materials applied to ancient  property and historic buildings, causes  serious damage and creates damp issues within the walls of these properties.

It is so important to contact the right craftsmen/women who have the correct skill sets and knowledge of how to conserve our historic buildings for the future. This applies to small buildings up to very large ones, they are all equally as important.


For our lime supplier we use Best Of Lime Ltd:

In order to reach us:

Maltby Plastering Ltd

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